young age specialists

Experts formulate social plans to improve your social well-being and guide you to make informed decisions about home resources and where to live.

Specialists are trained

social workers, case managers and nurses with elder care experience who provide ongoing systems of coordination and support to maintain overall well being.

Social plans for weekly activity designed to motivate

Transportation coordination for recreational, medical or social purposes

Home care set-up and monitoring of aide assistance with activities of daily living

Shopping assistance for basic needs for food, clothing and personal hygiene items

Home safety and comfort arrangement for preemptive monitoring and intervention

Scheduling assistance and appointment followup

Food and nutrition management to track sufficient access to a healthy food regime

Home finance management

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Getting started

The Specialist program begins with a comprehensive assessment capturing your needs, interests and social circumstances.

Specialists offer guidance about where to live based on financial resources and insurance.

The Specialist Social Plan - your life in your hands

Specialists create a tailored Social Plan for weekly activity and stimulation which include Specialist visits and scheduled outings to local venues. Specialists routinely adjust the client’s plan based on  client and family feedback.

Our objective is to improve clients' attitude and empower their independence while living in the mainstream community.

A blueprint for improving wellness through managing social determinants of health

Data collection

Specialists capture many aspects of home living and identify various social determinants of health.  

Through weekly visits and telephone, Specialists monitor home set up, home care services, and overall satisfaction with healthcare services.

Specialist review prescribed healthcare and medication regimes to ensure ongoing compliance.  

Action Plan

Specialists observe and recommend how to improve wellness in an effort to mitigate  readmission to hospitals or nursing homes.  

They liaise with family and care professionals for making fully-informed decisions.

Specialists observe and critique aide care, client nutrition, hygiene, and home living arrangements.

The Specialist program is designed to impact a client’s overall positive attitude and outlook.

Your Specialist, your advocate, wherever you are.

Beyond services at home, Specialists support a client throughout a hospitalisation, nursing home stay, or even in an assisted living facility. Continuity of Specialist services ensures client information on care options, and helps determine the best living arrangements and help with discharge.

For more information and rates,
call 1-844-278-2500

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